Valentine’s Day <3

So I know haters gon’ hate but I had the best Valentine’s Day ever!!! It was our first Valentine’s Day together and I’m sorry but I just have to share! I’m a hopeless romantic and live for these kind of events. I love it all! Bring on the romance! The commercialism! The excess! ūüôā No honestly I’m more about the thoughtful gifts or acts of kindness rather than chocolates. I still want flowers though. Don’t you dare forget the flowers. So I was excited to see what my relatively new boyfriend had in store for us!
I told him the night before that I had plans for us in the A.M. I know my honey and know the way to his heart is through his stomach so I planned on taking us to the best Bakery in town. We stayed up late saturday and was not moving at 9am sunday morning. I childishly decided that since he wasn’t getting up to start our V-Day that there was no need for our baked goods surprise. I got up. Put on a pot of coffee and took care of Nacho like I always do. He right away sensed my mood and asked “whats wrong?”. I grumpily say “nothing”. He asks why we didn’t get up on time to go and I brush it off.”Its no biggie. You don’t actually care about Valentine’s Day so all good.” I explain. Yes I am a baby. He heads to the kitchen and I hear him banging around for about 45 mins. I assume he’s making breakfast. Big whoop. He’s the breakfast person, not me. Finally he comes to me and says “Come eat breakfast honey”.
I begrudgingly head to the kitchen. I arrive at the stairs and see rose pedals…


I follow the pedals to our dining room table which has breakfast, wine, and a bouquet of roses. AHHHHHH!!!! I start slapping him as I realize he is videotaping my reaction. How sweet! I feel like a huge asshole for assuming he was doing nothing and we eat our breakfast. Points to him for the heart shaped bacon.

We get ready and head to The Duchess Bake Shop.



REALLY?! Can they be any more heavenly? We also snagged ourselves a “Opera”cake whatever that means for after dinner dessert. The place was packed (big surprise) so we grabbed a chai and mocha¬†and headed home. My honey seemed impressed with my gesture.
We decide to not spend a fortune on cabbing so I compromise and let go of our reservation in the city. TT finds us a highly rated local restaurant called “Vicky’s Bistro”.


I cannot rave about this place enough! The cozy dim lit cottage vibe accompanied by the stunning meal left us delighted with our last minute restaurant change.I had the “Alaskan”: Chicken breast with crab, shrimp, veggies and potatoes. It was so succulent! Yes succulent. Juicy, perfectly seasoned, not too rich. The drinks were great too, well balanced and refreshing.
We came home, drank the rest of the wine and had a couple beers. My chef ego bruised from the days tastings, I set out to make a dessert to impress my man. I know, how will I ever get in shape at this rate?! I’m all about being a resourceful cook so I conjure up a peanut butter cheesecake pie sort of thing. Despite¬†my extremely limited ingredients it turned out delicious! I’ll post the recipe soon!
So even though people ruin Valentine’s Day with materialism and pettiness, I believe in being the change! Hope all of you have a love filled day!
Love yourself, and love your loved ones! xxxxxo



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